FREE Public Talk:

“Living a Purposeful & Meaningful Life”

GTY_fulfilling_life_jtm_140207_16x9_608Date : Sat, 12 April
Venue : 1 Sophia Road, #04-08 Peace Centre
Time : 2pm ~ 3.30pm

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APHDate: 19 & 20 Apr 2014 (9am-6.00pm)



Date: 26 & 27 Apr 2014 (9am-6.00pm)

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What’s Happening This Week @ CIS!

Singapore Retreat 2014 @ Ashram first time ever!

Upcoming Courses @ CIS & all over Singapore!

Inspired Action-Arhatic Yoga Nurturing Schedule!

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Next Full Moon Meditation – Wesak Full Moon! Be in CIS at 11pm on 14 May (Wed) for an overnight event to early morning of 15 May 2014

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